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Green Ridge Stables is perfectly positioned for Pre-Training racehorses. With direct access onto the racecourse side Newmarket Heath, the horses are able to be gradually introduced back into an exercise program along the flat all weather, woodchip and grass surfaces. Once the ground work has been established, they can then begin to use the gallops with gentle inclines, including the Cambridge Road gallops and Water gallops.


As well as being able to use the Newmarket Heath, Green Ridge Stables hosts many of its own facilities. An outdoor lunge pen and an indoor trotting ring allow young horses to be broken in safely without needing to go onto the Newmarket Heath. James Owen Racing also specialises in the rehabilitation of horses following injury and works closely with the three main vet practices in Newmarket - Baker McVeigh & Clements, NEH and Rossdales. Green Ridge Stables is positioned directly next to the Newmarket equine swimming pool, which is a great facility to be able to use for rehabilitation following injury.  

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